Its a Tea Party...... Mommy and Me Style!

Every spring we have a MOMMY & DAUGHTER party for all of our Activity Day girls! This was last years party! This year we are doing an Italian/Cooking theme! Ill post about it next month- but this Tea Party was so much fun! These were the invitations that we made and handed out to all the girls and their moms (or grandmas, aunts, or friends. Please be sensitive to those that do not have a mother in the home! We always put an invite at the bottom of all our invitations to say that they could bring a grandma, aunt, cousin, or friend if they choose! ) Our Spiritual theme for this party was: We each have our own Unique Individuality and Beauty!

As they walked in we had a beautiful picture of each of the girls! We took these during the month before at their regular Activity Days class. They got to each take these home when the party was over!

We decorated our tables with pink tablecloths and a really cute tall flower in the middle! We also did paper pom-poms. They are so Cheap and easy to make! Love them! Here is the Link that will show you how to make them: Tissue POM POMS

We always have a corner where each girl gets a picture with their moms! We had many hats, gloves, umbrellas, tea sets, scarfs, to dress up and pose with! The GIRLS absolutely loved this!

Most girls came in their best Sunday dress and a fun hat and gloves! Some even came as the old bell of the ball- with their flowing Southern style dresses!

Here was our dessert table- We had everything you could think of chocolate, cupcakes, puffs, cookies, fudge, you name it we had it! By the time this was over there was not even a crumb left! WOW Girls can eat, and especially SWEETS!
For dinner we had croissants filled with chicken salad, a fluffy jello, and vegi s with a yummy dill dip. Everyone enjoyed it! We also had cherry seven up! SPARKLY!

Here was our Young Women who volunteered to help out! They were so amazing! They helped with serving and with kitchen duty! They even dressed up in their bow ties! SO CUTE!

We had a wonderful lady in the Ward come and talk about how Beautiful and Special each girl girl is! She did an amazing job! She had jokes, a really spiritual talk and some fun songs! She did such a great job! She talked about the photos that we took and how each girl is beautiful and special in their own unique way! It was a lot of fun!

Program outline: 1- Pass out invitations about two weeks before! Always call to remind
the night before! People are busy they forget!
2- Let guests arrive and take pictures in the picture corner
3- When everyone has arrived, Say prayer and Serve Dinner
4- Have fun soft music playing!
5- Have Dessert
6- During Dessert have Spiritual talk!
7- Pass out Photos of Girls!



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