Feeding the Missionaries

We let the girls prepare an entire meal for the missionaries and they loved it! We had the kitchen set up in "stations" and assigned the girls to each station ahead of time. That way we knew they they could handle the task and each girl would have something to do.

We made Chicken Parmesan, Salad, Breadsticks and had ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Here are a few examples of the stations:

*Grate cheese
*Pound chicken
*Cut tomatoes
*Make dough
*Melt butter
*Shred lettuce
*Cook Pasta

We were able to put teams at a few of the stations which worked out great because those were also planned ahead of time to avoid any bickering or contention.

Since we only had 1 hour to get it all done we really had to move quickly, but the girls did great! Unfortunately the girls were not able to eat with the missionaries this time, but they still had a great time and asked lots of questions later about how they like it. It would be great it they could eat with them and ask them questions about missionary life over dinner.

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