A Lesson in Babysitting

If you have older Activity Day girls, you may want to consider having a lesson on babysitting.

Help the girls assemble simple kits with the following:

crayons, washable markers, pencils, paper, safety scissors, craft materials. (include any or all of these)

First Aid kit (and the knowledge to use it)

Words to children's songs--Five Little Speckled Frogs, The Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders
Knees and Toes, There's a hole in the bottom of the sea, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc.

Game ideas--hokey pokey, I'm a little teapot, duck duck goose, Ring around the Rosy, Motor Boat Motor Boat, Mr. Fox, Hide and Seek, 20 Questions, Oink, hand clapping games

Antiseptic hand cleaner

Duck's in a Row Baby sitter's List and pen to complete it. (Download it here.)

Flashlight with batteries

Old sheets or old clothes for dress up or making tents (optional)
*List ideas from Mormon Share

Discuss babysitting safety:
Give each of the girls this handout. When you have reviewed it, have them keep it in their kit. (Download it here.)
Making babysitting fun:
Here is a great list of ways to keep kids busy. Take some time to teach the girls a few games or songs. (Download the list here.)
*Thanks to Emma from Emma's Place to Be for sharing her handout with us! Check her site out for lots of ideas and handouts!


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