Scripture Study

*This great tip was submitted by Jessica

I have found it very difficult to know which activities will take up the entire time, and which will not. Sometimes I would show up with an activity thinking that there would be nowhere near enough time to finish... and the girls end up done a half hour early! To fill that extra time, we started doing scripture studies.

I asked the missionaries in our ward, if they could provide each of the girls in my group (I only have 5) with a Book of Mormon. The girls wrote their names in the cover, but I keep them with me and bring them each week. That way, no one will ever forget to bring theirs and be without. Although, a couple of the girls bring their own scriptures from home each week to study and mark.

I dedicated one class to teaching them how to mark their scriptures using the "color code" system found at this site. I printed out a key (Red = words of God, or Christ... etc.) that was small enough for them to glue into the front cover of their Book of Mormon.

Each week, I print and hand out the study guide found on this site. I printed off all of the charts found on the site on the smaller scale so that they could glue those in the back cover of their Book of Mormon. We fill them out as we read. We use whatever extra time we have at the end of our activity to start on the Scripture Study activities on the study guide that I have handed out. I encourage them to finish the rest of it at home during the week.

The girls have loved our Scripture study time a lot more than I thought they would. They feel so "grown up" marking their own set of scriptures. The study guide breaks it down to a child's level so that it isn't so overwhelming to them.


  1. The study guide site has expired. Do you have a copy of their charts etc.? It sounds fantastic!


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