Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Last night was had the mother of all activities! A while back when our girls were asked to sing for the mother's day program we challenged them to memorize all the words to "I Often Go Walking" and as a reward they could help plan the next activity. It worked and they chose a pajama party. All we would tell them was that they could wear their pajamas and that they rest was a surprise.

This is a very long post with a lot of detail so I'll break it down:

We handed out invitations with a little poem that went like this:We didn't want any of the girls to feel like they couldn't come unless they were in their p.j.'s so I mentioned it on the invitation.

The party had a slumber party feel and a "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" theme, complete with decorations and everything.

When the girls arrived:
All the girls showed up in their pajamas and we got the party rockin! I made a playlist with fun girlie songs including:

S.O.S.- Jonas Brothers
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Miley Cyrus
Don't Walk Away- Miley Cyrus
Get Back-Demi Lavato
Crush- David Archuleta
Fabulous- HSM
Burnin' Up- Jonas Brothers
All For One-HSM
Play My Music- Jonas Brothers
G.N.O.- Miley Cyrus

When they showed up we had the music playing and the girls were all dancing so crazy. I even got in on the action and we jumped around the floor having a good time.

We then stopped the music and settled down to pray and discuss what we were going to do. After that we all headed into the kitchen so everyone could make their own homemade pizza. I have a recipe that doesn't require the dough to rise and that was super fast. I had the dough pre-made and shaped into balls, one for each girl. Each girl got a paper plate (which next time I would spray with cooking spray to prevent them from sticking. Also, the reason for the plate is because I didn't wan to have flour all over the table and counters. We had 13 girls! What a mess that would have been!) and their dough ball. They shaped their pizzas and each got some sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

Since I cook my pizzas at such a high temperature the cooking actually went very fast and the girls didn't mind waiting their turn. We put two pizzas on a big cookie sheet at a time and could put two pan in the oven at a time. When the pizzas on the top rack were done we moved the bottom sheet up and put in the third pan. I hope that doesn't sound confusing and I know you could come up with your own system. After each girl's was out (they did a great job remembering which was their own) I would take it off the sheet, in order to use the sheet for more pizzas, quarter it and put it on a plate for the girls. They were all so patient and it seemed like it took no time at all.

Just F.Y.I-
For 13 girls and two adults we used:
1 large bag of pepperoni's (about 4-5 per person)
3 cans tomato sauce (I just added my own spices to make the sauce)
Almost 24 ozs. of cheese

After dinner we got the girls together and played a few games. The first was the trash can game. SO FUN! All the credit goes to my partner for this one!

Trash Can Game
We filled a large box (you are supposed to use a trash can but use whatever you have around) with crumpled newspaper as well as dollar store gifts (nail polish, gum, notepads, bath loofas etc.) that were wrapped in newspaper, so you could easily spot them.

Each girl takes a turn passing the dice trying to roll a 7 or 11 (we used a bowl to keep the dice together and to make it easier to pass them). When some one got a 7 or 11 they had to run up to the box, put on a pair of gloves and dig, dig, dig trying to find one of the gifts. We put one gift for each girl in the box but didn't tell them how many their were. We continued to roll the dice and when another girl rolled the right numbers, the girl that was digging had to drop everything (even if she had a partially opened gift) and pass the gloves. It is meant to be a faced paced game.Each girl that had gotten a gift could continue rolling but if they got a 7 or 11 they didn't get to dig but the girl (if there was one) digging had to drop everything and get back in the circle.

It was so fun and the girls did a great job cheering each other on. We noticed that it started to get a little long so to speed it up we took the gloves out and all of the girls who had a gift partnered up with one that didn't. Both girls could roll and dig but if the girl that already found a gift found another, she just gave it to her partner. This sped up the game and worked really well with out girls. I would recommend trying the original version first and only making the changes if necessary.

It was amazing how well the girls did cheering each other on. The noise level was incredibly loud but no one cared because we were all so excited and having such a good time!

What If?
For this game each girl gets a piece of paper and writes a "what if" question on it, i.e. what if cows could talk?, what if Sister So and So had a beard?. After everyone has finished with their question they put them in a bowl. Pass the bowl around and each girl picks a piece of paper. Now they answer the question. Once again, they go back into the bowl and everyone draws a new slip.

The first person to go reads their question and the person next to them reads their answer. Do this until every question has been read and answered. Sometimes the answers match the question really well and it can be so funny!

For dessert we had chocolate fondue. We melted chocolate and had strawberries, graham crackers, marshmallows, bananas, pretzels, etc. for the girls to dip. In order to keep it all sanitary we used toothpicks instead of fingers and we gave each girl a dollop of chocolate on a plate to use on their strawberries, pretzels and so forth.

This activity was a huge hit! The girls had a great time and there was so much laughter and happiness. It was well deserved and was the perfect summer activity.

I hope this is all clear! If you have any questions please email me!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I wish you were my leader when I was that age. Keep up the great work.


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