Daddy/Daughter Howling good time!

Hi, Im very excited to take over this wonderful blog. It will be a honor to share my own ideas as well as yours to help others with being a great ACTIVITY DAY LEADER. I have been in many callings in the church and I love Activity Days, I think it is such a wonderful calling. It is so fun to share in the Lords work and to work with such wonderful girls and help them to discover their true potential as Daughters of God. Yes it can be interesting at times but it is such a great experience. I am a mother of five daughters. They all have "A" names. Four of them have been in or are in Activity days. So we have had plenty of experience with this wonderful program. So in every ward I have been in (which has been many- moved 14 times in 15 years) we have always had a Daddy-Daughter date, and a Mother -Daughter date once a year in Activity Days. Usually we do the Daddy Daughter date in the fall and the Mother-Daughter date in the spring. Our ward combines all the Activity Day girls ages 8-11 to join in on the fun.
Some wards only have 1 or 2 leaders for all girls but our ward has 8 leaders, 2 for every age group- 8 year olds, 9 year olds, 10 year olds, and 11 year olds. Which is a lot of fun!
So last year our theme was a Daddy-Daughter Date Halloween Party! It was so much fun and we had a great turn out! We have around 23 girls in the ward and only 1 girl could not make it!
We sent out Halloween Invitations- (Make sure you are sensitive to girls who do not have a father figure in the home , we always make sure it says to bring a date whether it is a father, grandfather, brother, or friend. ) We decorated the room. We had the girls make table decorations a head of time! Each made their own placemats with their names on them. We served dinner, carved pumkins, and took pictures! It was a great turnout, and the girls really enjoyed it! We had all the fathers dress up and we made sure all the leaders were also dressed up! We also had cute Halloween music playing (Monster Mash, ETC) - IT was a HOWLING good time!

Here is some of the food we served- Eerie Eyeballs- AKA - DEVILed Eggs

Boney Fingers- AKA- Chocolate covered Pretzels


DEATH BY CUPCAKES- AKA Chocolate cupcakes & Witch's Brew AKA- RED Punch with floating hands
We had a picture corner where the girls got a picture with their fathers

The Activity was carving pumpkins with their fathers-

Here is a girl with her finished PUMPKIN!


  1. Very cute! We are doing the same thing this Halloween with Dads.

  2. Hi can i email you for more details on this activity??? my email is
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  3. How did you word the invitations to take into consideration the girls without father figures?


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