Holidays are coming!

(Great Thanksgiving Cookie Idea- cookies with Chocolate Covered Marshmallows & Yellow Icing- Yum and SO EASY! )

I can't believe how fast the holidays are upon us! We all know how busy life can be and we all need ideas that can be implemented and fast. Especially as a Activity Day leader we need to have ideas ready and handy and Im going to let you in on a little secret of mine- Okay its not really a secret but it is my favorite place to get ideas for anything. Games, crafts, printables you name it they have it. It is
okay the secret is out- Now im sure that this site is where you all find your ideas but if not then I really did let you in on a little secret- They have so many cute ideas, crafts, and so much more. So since it is the season for being Thankful, I think I will focus on that this Activity Day month- Here is a few pictures of Thanksgiving Ideas this month.......

Okay so I have been saving my (Toilet Paper rolls) with the hopes that I could somehow find a great craft to use them with the girls with well now I found it- It is a great idea! You could use them for any kind of character. You could make some scripture people from the Book of Mormon, Or santa and his reindeer.

Great TEEPEE's made of Icing and Cones.

"I am thankful for: "
I love this print out you can go to their website and print it off if you would like. Just another Idea. It is six different cards that you can write on. It would be perfect to let the girls write their favorite things that they are thankful for.


  1. Great ideas! We plan to have the girls make thank you cards, write in one, take a few home. Also talk about Thank You ettiquite and writing in cards. Now I just need to figure out the cards we'll be making.

  2. If you ever need LDS clipart for your projects, feel free to check out our website, Thank you! :)


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