Hi ho Hi ho, its off to RELIEF SOCIETY I GO!

I was called into the Bishops office last sunday and released as a
Activity Days Leader! So its off to Relief Society I go!  I have many mixed emotions!  I have loved
being in Activity days but after five years in the same calling I guess I could use a change but Im going to miss all my girls!  I have loved all your wonderful emails, they make doing this blog so fun!  So now the torch must be passed on. (kinda like batman, no one knows who he is but there is always a new one in each movie,)   This Site is so wonderful and was helpful to me when I was getting started and someone else was running it.   
 If you would love blogging about Activity Days and would like to continue this wonderful blog, and feel you could devote some time to keep it going please email me at : ldsactivitydayideas@gmail.com

I will still post some pictures soon about our last Mommy and Me COOKING Activity!  SOON


  1. I sent you an email last week. I'll take over the blog, if you haven't found anyone. let me know!


  2. Your gifted with the talent to write impressive articles! thanks

  3. I just got called to this. I love this blog, I hope you let Diana keep it up.

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