Missionary night!

Tonight we will be focusing on missionary work-we don't live in Utah with 20 missionaries out in the field, so missionaries are a big deal around here!
We will have a quick lesson about missionary preparation. I packed a duffel bag because it is already 90 degrees and I don't want to go up in my attic! Anyway, we will unpack the suitcase/duffel bag and talk about the following items:

Scriptures- studying the gospel
Pot- cooking skills
Sewing kit-basic sewing skills
Shoes-missionaries walk a lot
Missionary tag-I used my old one
Preach my gospel- studying each day with companion
Piggy bank-financial prep
Clock-early rising/time management
Tithing slip-paying a full tithe before/support from ward members
Temple picture-receiving endowment
Picture of Christ-developing a testimony of the Savior

Also, we will be writing letters, drawing pictures, and making packages for the elder and the couple in our ward serving.

I made some cupcakes that I tried to make look like a tag! :)

The girls are bringing stuff to put in packages for the missionaries.

Sorry, if you came by earlier and saw the HUGE pictures!  I actually blogged from my iphone and couldn't figure out how to edit the photos!  :)



  1. I love this idea! :) Missionary work is maybe the greatest things I know.

  2. Great idea! What did the girls bring for the missionary packages? Just curious...

  3. Hello! There's an award for you in my blog: http://susanna-behindmyeyes.blogspot.com/2012/05/versatitle-blog-award.html :)

  4. Your website is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!!


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