Conference Roundup

It's getting to be that time of year again!  General Conference!  There are so many fabulously creative people out there, that I thought I would do a roundup of some great ideas and put them all in one spot for you.  I love the activities we have done centered around conference.  The girls love learning about the prophet and the general authorities and we always talk about what they learned.  So, here are some super cute ideas to get those creative juices flowing!  Or just shamelessly copy, like I do!

This is a darling reminder for conference from Marci Coombs.  It is designed for YW, but you could totally do it for activity days!  You can see the original post and free printable HERE.
This next activity is super simple and effective.  It is from  You pick a different item to eat for each key word you hear at a session.  I was thinking it would be easy to make up like a bag of trail mix for each girl and they could use that for their treat as they listened.  The original article is HERE.

This is a darling memory game that I found on beehive messages.  I love that the descriptive card has visual reminders of each apostle's life story.  It makes them more real to the girls when they can think about them as actual people!  You can get the game HERE.  

The next thing I found was a really cute printable that goes along with a pack of m&ms.  This is from Courtney Aiken.  She delivered it to her YW ahead of time.  I think AD girls could maybe have a short lesson about prophets and then at least start on their list and discuss some questions that they felt weren't too private.  Or you could just use it as a reminder!  

I love the idea of conference journals!  This one is great because it has printable tabs that are pix of the 1st presidency and the 12 apostles.  This is from the golden seven and I love that you can use a square punch to punch out the pix!  You can print this fabulous project HERE.

And one more:  I love this MINI conference packet.  The first time I did conference packets, I spent a fortune printing them out!  These are compact and cute!  This great idea is from fluffy bunny feet designs.  You can find the pdf HERE.

I hope you find some inspiration for a conference based activity!  


  1. I love that you used an idea from my SIL from Fluffy Bunny Feet!! Thanks for sharing it and crediting her. I've been loving seeing all your cute Activity Days ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the ideas, I think so you are a genius.Thank you


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