Easter Activity: Resurrection Eggs

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 Easter is only a few weeks away.  We live here in the south.  You can find Resurrection Eggs everywhere here.  Walmart, Hobby Lobby, the checkout of the grocery store.  I had never seen them before moving this direction.  They are really neat.  They go through the Easter story and talk about the different events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of the Savior using a familiar Easter symbol-eggs.  I used them in singing time and last year we made our own sets for Activity Days.  You can find a great version here

from momtheintern.blogspot.com
 There are several different versions on the internet.  If you want to substitute a scripture or an item for a different one, then listen to the Spirit and customize it for your group. 

from momtheintern.blogspot.com
Sometimes, you are limited by budget, availability, time, and size constraints.  That's why these are just ideas and you can adapt them to fit your needs! 

Here is an idea for a cute treat that is NOT sugar.  
Sorry, the only source I have on this is this pinterest pin.  

Just some cheesy bunny crackers in a plastic bag (cone-shaped, it might be a piping bag) tied with a green bow.  Easy-peasy!

 Happy Easter!

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