Conference Roundup-Round 3 or whatever...

Just a few more quick and cute ideas that you could incorporate:
This is such a cute idea from You can view the post HERE.  She took the printables everyone created after conference and made mini copies.  Then, they were "preserved" in a jar for whenever her VT ladies needed a boost.  This could be a great way for the girls to remember main ideas from conference!  

This cute printable is made all to go on one sheet!  It is from and you can get the file HERE.  I love that it is mini and you could tie it up with a little bag of m&ms or whatever for their bingo game.  

This next activity is something that would work best with older girls, but they could definitely get the whole family involved.  It's Fantasy General Conference Brackets! 

You can go HERE for the 2014 version.
 I think it's a super cute and creative idea to keep the whole family engaged.  This would also be a great idea for YW.  

And another FABULOUS printable from  This might be my new favorite!  You can get the pdf  HERE.  Have fun!  And enjoy this weekend!

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