Girls Who Choose God Book Review

So, a few months back I was asked by some lovely ladies to review this book that just came out, called "Girls Who Choose God."  It is written by McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding, and illustrated by Kathleen Peterson.  Due to the missionary craziness in our house, it has taken me a few weeks longer to get to this than I had intended, but I am still excited to tell you about this amazing book!

It is all about women and girls in the scriptures, and I love it because we really haven't had a resource that focuses on all these great role models.  Since we work with young girls, I think it is so important to introduce them to lifelong friends and heroes in the scriptures.  There are many wonderful examples of strong, righteous women scattered throughout the standard works.  McArthur and Bethany put several of them in one lovely, thought provoking book.

The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are simply told.  But they also have a question at the end of each story, asking the reader when they have had to act as the girl in the story.  Having three daughters of my own, I appreciate this wonderful book.  I had my youngest girl read it, and she enjoyed learning about so many different women and their own stories.

The authors have a great online resource, HERE that shows different ways you can use this book, at home, or in activity days.  I promise, I am not paid by Deseret Book  :), but I would highly encourage you to look into acquiring this book.  I would even use some of my budget money, because I think it's such a great resource!  So, take a minute to stop by Deseret Book and browse through it, or if you live way out in the "mission field" like I do, which is pretty much everywhere but Utah, check out the website HERE and look around.  You will be glad you did!

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