6 B's Pop-up Book

Patty has shared detailed instructions on how to make a super cute 6 B's pop up book. Thanks, Patty!
Starting with a square piece of cardstock, fold in half and open then fold in half the opposite way and open (you have four equal square fold marks) Cut one fold to center. Then fold one of the square across the diagonal as shown here:
At the cut area, cross and glue two squares together leaving you with this: This is one "room" and can be closed to make it the size of one of the folded square sections. Make four of these rooms and if you set them next to each other 1-2-3-4, you will have four rooms.

Glue the back of 1 to the front of 2.
Glue the back of 2 to the front of 3.
Glue the back of 3 to the front of 4.

Now you have your book with no cover.

Make your cover how you like. Either a rectangle and fold it down the middle or make two squares out of chip board or some stiff paper and cover with your choice of paper.
Glue book into cover (glue front of 1 to inside front cover and back of 4 to inside back cover) and you can use ribbons for closure. Not that it is easier to decorate the pop up book while it is laying flat! We also use pop ups within the pop up book too, which was fun.

Download Pres. Hinckley's 6 B's from the site like this (for example) and the girls can use that to add to their books.


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  2. I love your idea for the pop-up book. Do you have any pictures of the completed book? I would love to see what you have done inside to utilize the pop-up pages. Also, the link to the download of Pres. Hinckley's 6 be's doesn't seem to work. Can that be fixed? You have a terrific idea here. Thank you so much for sharing.


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