Articles of Faith

In order to encourage our girls to memorize all 13 Articles of Faith this year we have come up with a system that seems to be working great!

Each girl has one of these papers that they keep in their folder: Each month we focus on one A of F and we try our hardest to get them to memorize the one for that month. When we hand out the reminder/flyer for the the first activity of the month we make sure to mention something about memorizing that particular Article of Faith. If they come to the FIRST activity of the month with it memorized we reward them with something small. (i.e., one fun size candy, one Red Vine, etc. Nothing extravagant.) We encourage them to work on it for next time but there is no reward for the second activity. There is also the rule that they have to have it fully memorized! No forgetting, looking in the book and starting all over again! It's amazing how well they are doing and how many of them are passing them off.

UPDATE: As requested, I have made this available for download here.
Just a tip- click on Print Preview before printing and be sure to change the print setting to LANDSCAPE!


  1. I would love to print a copy of this but it won't let me as I click on it.
    Any ideas?

    Newly assigned activity leader.

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