Fun and Uniqueness..all in one

Our girls sang a song in front of the Adult Sunday School and did fantasitc! As a reward we had ice cream sundaes but were able to tie them into the lesson. We talked about being unique and that it is important that we are all different. We took them into the kitchen and gave each of them one thing from the sundae stuff, ie., bowls, caramel, cherries, ice cream, spoons. We told them to go ahead and enjoy! They laughed and said that it wasn't a sundae because they only had one part of it. Our point exactly! We told them that that was just like people. What good are we if we don't have a variety?

Then we played some games with them. We did the penny in the flour game (measure a cup of flour, put a penny in the middle and pack it all really tight. Turn the cup upside down onto a cake pan and pass it around with a butter knife. Each person cuts a slice of flour away until someone finds the penny. Once they do they have to get the penny our with their mouth. Kind of gross but it's a hoot!)
We also did the candy bar game. (Get a large Hershey bar, one or two butter knives, a pair of socks and a pair of dice. Everyone takes turns rolling the dice until someone rolls a 7 or 11. Once one of those numbers are rolled that person gets to put the socks on, grab the knife(ves) and start trying to eat the candy bar until someone else rolls a 7 or 11. It's really face paced!) It took the girls a minute to catch on but once they did they were unstoppable. The pictures don't do justice to either game.

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