Letters from Mom

This is one of my personal favorites. We took our girls had the girls wear a Sunday dress and took them to the Temple where we talked about what it means to be sealed as a family, how we should act when we are there and how we can feel when we are there. We had asked our girls' mom's to write their daughters a special letter ahead of time and to keep it a secret and then handed them to the girls at the Temple. They were each to go and find their own spot, away from everyone and take a while to read the letter and ponder on it. The girls loved it! Before we left each girl got their picture taken in front of the Temple as well as a picture with their leader and a group shot.

Later we gave them these pictures:

Email me and I can send you a PSD file of this picture.


  1. very good idea and thank you for sharing....it will be fit in with our theme for next month "Families are Forever" we will do this activity go to the temple and have letters from mothers! very interesting.

  2. Hi! Would you email me the file for this picture?

    megnels05 at gmail dot com

    Thanks so much!

  3. I'm sorry Meg, I took over this blog a year ago and I do not have access to this file. Sorry!


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