Health and Grooming

When the new leader got called, not many of the girls knew her so we figured it was a great time for this activity. We wanted to do something about hygiene and personal grooming. Here is what we did:

First of all we wanted to talk to them about keeping thier bodies clean and what it can be like if we don't. We did a little skit where the new leader come in and since the girls had never met her I introduced her. She was a hoot! Here is what she looked like:At first we played it off and after a while I acted like she smelled and had bad breath, among other things. The girls were sort of laughing but weren't sure if she was serious or not. We let it go on for a minute and I started questioning her about when the last time she showered was, did she brush her teeth this morning, and yaddy yadda. Then I handed her a mirror and asked her if she looked at herself before leaving this morning. After she said no I handed her a bag with a comb and clean clothes in it. She changed and came back. We were able to talk about what a difference being clean can make. It definitely got our point across!

After that we passed around a bag with the following items in it: Deodorant, loofah, soap, washcloth, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, headband, tissues, toothbrush, gum, lotion and a flower for hair and a comb.

Each person picked out and item and we discussed what it is and why and when we use it.
We even picked a few models and showed the girls a few new ways to do their hair.

After that it was time for mani/pedi's! We went outside for this. Each girl got to spend a few minutes using the foot spa (which had new water for each girl) and then they partnered up to do each other's nails. Although I think us leaders ended up doing more nails than anyone.

Then we fed them fruit dip with peaches, apples and bananas. They scarfed it!!!At the end we gave each girl their own bag with all of the personal hygiene items in it. They loved it!


  1. Thank you for such a cute idea! Your blog is great :)

  2. I did something similar to this. Without the skit. We talked about why grooming was important to both our bodies and spirits. Then we had facials. I gave each of the girls a small plastic basket with travel sized personal hygiene products. It's their own personal bathroom basket that they can take too and from the bathroom. They loved it. The next week we did fitness and nutrition. We had a sister from the ward come and do some yoga with us and we had yogurt parfaits for snack. Again a huge hit. Kristen


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