Spirituality is a Thing of Beauty

For this activity we wanted to teach the girls the importance of dressing your best on Sunday as well as feeling beautiful on both the inside and outside and being kind to others. Sounds like a lot, but it all blended together nicely.

First of all, the other leader and I shared stories from our childhood about times that we were not very kind to others and that now we regret those things because those words cannot be taken back. We stressed the importance of being kind to others because you never know how their life away from school or play might be. Then we gave each of the girls a piece of paper that had every girl's name on it and had them write something nice about every girl. We made sure to tell that that they really needed to think about it, even if they didn't know some one very well. We have typed up each girls name and the list of things that the girls said about them and plan on giving it to them.

Here is what they looked like. Not the best paper, but it's what we had on hand. After that we began talking about how important it is to feel beautiful inside and out. We gave them the following list to put in their AD folders:

*Spirituality is a thing of Beauty*
7 Things to remember:

*I am a daughter of God*
*I am unique and one of a kind*
*My life can be what I want it to be*
*I can be kind to everyone around me*
*I feel confident about who I am*
*It is important to feel beautiful on the inside*
*I am loved by more people than I can even imagine*

These are the things that we felt were most important for our girls at the time. You can always adjust, add to or change this list.

To top off the activity we did their hair, put lip gloss on them and then took glamour shots! After they got comfortable with the camera they really did a great job posing and doing what we asked.

I can't believe how this little thing really made them feel so beautiful. They were glowing! We have plans for the pictures we took of them. That will follow soon.

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