Quote Frame

For this activity you will need:

1- 4x6 photo of the Prophet, black and white looks great! (We used President Hinckley at the time)

1- 8x10 piece of scrapbook paper

1- 8 inch long piece of coordinating ribbon

1- scrapbooking flowers


Picture frame

One the piece of scrapbook paper I printed the phrase "Stand a Little Taller" (but you can use any short phrase by the current prophet ie., "Cultivate faith" or "Look for the lighthouse of the Lord") about 2/3 of the way down or so in a cute font. Experiment to find what works for you.

Glue the picture to the paper towards the top middle (about 3 or so inches from the top) or where ever you like it best.

Glue the ribbon across the paper about 3 inches or so from the bottom.

Glue the flower off to the side.

Put it in the frame and enjoy!

You may want to experiment to find out exactly what you like.

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