Articles of Faith

Submitted by Kari

We have a few girls that really work on their Articles of Faith, but most don't at all. I decided to work on the 13th with them. If they can get that one passed off, they'll feel like they can pass off any of them!

I made word strips to stick to the board with push pins. After reading through it a few times together, we took turns rolling a big dice and took that many words off the board. We went through until everyone had a turn. (I usually only have about 10 kids there.) After this part of the activity, I had Ziploc bags with word strips for each child in them. I copied them all on different colors of paper, so everyone had their own color. I gave them a few minutes to pick a spot on the floor and try to put the Article of Faith in order on their own. Some worked together and that was fine too. Most did pretty well. Some wanted to pass it off that evening,but I told them they needed to wait and do it on Sunday to make sure they really knew it. They were able to take their word strips home to practice. About half were able to pass if off on Sunday.

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