Movie Night

Submitted by Kari

This was our first Quarterly Activity. Somehow I got put in charge of these. For this one we did a Movie Night. I made invitations that looked like movie tickets. This year we have a new bishop with a big focus on missionary work. All of the kids were told they could invite their friends to the activity and they were really excited about it! We had a really big turnout. We showed one of the "Liken the Scriptures" movies and made it go up on the wall in the gym using the projector, so it was just like they were at the movie theater. They could wear their pj's and bring a blanket and pillow. We had a concession stand with popcorn, fruit snacks, licorice and punch (in cups with lids and straws). They got snacks before the movie and then we had a short intermission in the middle. Since this is the first time we've had something with this many non-members, it would've been good to talk to the kids the Sunday before and ask them to set a better example for their friends about how to act. Usually they are really good, but when a bunch went out to go to the restroom, things started getting a little wild and it didn't really settle down from there. All in all it was a great event though.

I fit 6 of these to a page. For the half circles on the side, I used a 1 1/4" circle punch.
I could punch about 5 tickets at a time.


  1. Stumbled across this (I'm on an activities committee myself). On behalf of those of us at Lightstone Pictures, which produces the Liken movies, we're always delighted to hear about Liken movies being used this way. Our company's policy is to grant permission for this type of public exhibition at no cost. (We see it as a good way to let others know about the series.) If your group needs written permission, we're happy to provide it as well. Just email us at More info on Liken is available here:

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  3. Thanks! We have some nonmember and less actives that attend, and I was looking for a way to teach them more subtle points of the Gospel.
    Start the popcorn machine!


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