Picture Yourself in the Temple

Submitted by Sue
I found some very nice individually wrapped gold picture frames at All a Dollar---a real bargain that I have rarely seen. I had each of the girls bring a picture of themselves and then I Xeroxed just an outline of a temple onto a transparency. The girl's pictures went inside the picture frame and we put the transparency on the outside (stuck it on with cute little stickers to hold it) so there was a little space between. The girls could see themselves through the outline of the temple. I had a poem that went with this called "Picture yourself in the temple" and it talks about preparing now for the day they would be able to go to the temple. The girls LOVED making that and I hope it will mean something to them. I asked them to put the picture somewhere so they would see it often and let this picture help them make their choices and decisions in life.
Here is the poem.


  1. I love this idea but got you email sent back to me. Please email me to get the packet information or whatever you are willing to share. Thanks! carterswife@sbcglobal.net

  2. I also tried to send an email to request more info or downloads on this activity, but was not able to send it through. Please email me what you have. Thanks! l_martin08@Hotmail.com

  3. Hi Leslie,

    I took over this blog in August so I do not have anymore info then what she posted. Sorry.



  4. Please send me the entire activity. I tried to e-mail but it failed. thanks, Susie


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