Temple Themed Paperbag Books

Matilda shared this photo of the books that she helped her mom's group of girls put together. They made them in preparation for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. What a great idea! They turned out so cute!And if you would like instructions on how do these books, check out this post. If you have done an activity that you would like to share, email me!


  1. THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In my ward we have 4 girls in activity days. So what we did was use the church kitchen and baked. We split the girls into teams and i took a team and my assistant took the other team. We gave them different rescipes that were alike and see who finished first and who was the most accurate. ANd then gave them points it came to a tie braker so we had a race outside. The winners got to sign their name on a spatchula, and we hung it in the primary room. Thety had so much fun! AND they had a sweet treat to share with their family!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just found this blog, and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas!


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