This week I did these with my two little girls:(Keep in mind that they are 4 and 2!)

I traced their bodies onto butcher paper and then using scraps of fabric and craft supplies, they dressed their outline up. I thought it would make a great activity if you had a lesson on modesty and then had them create modest outfits.

We used pipe cleaners to make the necklace, pom poms for the bracelet, foam craft flowers, yarn and scrap fabric. Get creative and the possibilities are endless!


  1. Great idea!! Can't wait to try this with my Activity Days girls!

  2. I LOVE this idea. How fun for ALL the girls!

  3. We had an awesome modesty activity last night - newspaper fashion show. The girls were in pairs (1 designer and 1 model). Each girl chose a category (rock star, prom dress, bride, cowgirl, & princess) and then they had to create a modest "costume" using only newspaper, tape, and scissors.

    It was hilarious to see some of the outfits they created. Very cheap, fun, and inexpensive.

  4. Thanks for the idea! I did this activity with the girls just last week, and they loved it! They said it was one of our best activities yet!

  5. We just tried this idea yesterday night and it was a TOTAL HIT!!! They were in groups of 2-3 w/ adult supervision and help. They did a great job making modest dresses! They loved dressing up as brides and princess's and making prom dresses! We had a discussion on modesty and what it meant before. They modeled they own outfits down the cat walk and then we had the activity. Absolutely awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!!


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