Halloween Celebration Night

Last night we had a Halloween activity. It was lots of fun! If you are needing an idea to end the month with, it's not too late to pull this one together. My partner and I decided that we weren't going to make the girls mark off anything for this activity. This was the first time we have ever done this so we didn't feel too bad.

We invited the girls to wear their costumes but made it very clear that it wasn't necessary. We didn't want to make anyone feel pressured into spending money or doing something they didn't want to do. But not surprisingly, every girl dressed up! And they all looked great!

We used the Primary Room as well as a nearby classroom. This is how the room was set up:

We started out with bobbing for donuts. I am sure that everyone knows how to play this! We used yarn and thumbtacks to attach the donuts to the ceiling.Next we split the girls up into two groups. One group painted pumpkins and one group did the "Fear Factor Room." As for the painting we were able to purchase our pumpkins for less than a quarter each. They weren't very big, but if they were any bigger than the girls would have taken way too long to paint them!

Now, for the "Fear Factor Room." We used a separate classroom (highly recommended because of the smell! My poor partner is pregnant and it was a little too stinky for her! She was a trooper though and stuck out the nasty stench!) For this we used bowls filled with the following:

Vienna Sausages (Freaky Fingers)
Peeled Grapes (Ewww...Eyeballs)
Cooked Spaghetti (Icky Intestines)
Canned Black Beans (Witches Warts)
Wet Sponge (Bloody Brains)

We had each bowl covered with a box that had a hole in the top. They each got a turn to stick their hand in the bowl and guess what the mystery item was. They loved it and some of them got grossed out. Mission accomplished!

While some of the girls were waiting their turn to either paint or play Fear Factor, we had them guess how many candy corns were in the jar. Of course the winner took the jar home.

Our last activity was the mummy wrap game. So easy and fun! Another easy game that everyone probably knows how to play. Just pair the girls up and give each team a roll of toilet paper. The first team to get their mummy wrapped wins.

Last of all we had a costume and pumpkin decorating contest. The girls didn't know that they were being judged until we handed out the certificates at the end. Here are the categories:

Coolest Costume
Most Unique Costume
Most Creative Costume
Most Unique Pumpkin
Most Creative Pumpkin
Fastest Mummy Wrapper (there were two of these, one for each partner)
Fastest Donut Eater

Everyone got one award. The girls who did not get one of the above awards still got a certificate for "Participation in Achievement Day's Halloween Night Celebration"

I am having trouble downloading a copy of the certificate for you. If I can get it later I will add it.

It was lots of fun...yet very exhausting!

And a little bonus.... a cute way to give your girls their invitations! Just use a toothpick, like this. For the cupcake all you need is a frosted cupcake, striped shortbread cookies, a Hershey Kiss and red gel coloring and voila!


  1. We had ours last night too! Yours sounds like so much FUN! We threw ours together last minute and played musical chairs, a skeleton matching game, did caramel apples and ate some food! Thanks for all the fun ideas.

  2. Thanks for the post, We are doing our Halloween activity this week and wanted some more game ideas. Last year we did Scary Halloween BINGO and the M&M game where you suck up M&Ms with a straw and put them in a bowl the fastest. We also did a best costume contest.

  3. Thanks for the cupcake bat idea.
    voi·là [ vwaa la ]

  4. I just got called as an achievement days leader so i really appreciate all your great ideas. thanks so much for sharing!

  5. We've featured your batty cupcakes over at My Dear Trash- come take a look at


    Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic ideas!

  6. do you have the link for the certificate? Thanks!

  7. @ The Monocurs,

    I do not have the certificate as I just took over this blog a few months ago. Sorry:(


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