Thanksgiving Activity

The other day we held a 2 hour activity because we are only able to have one this month. Once all of the girls arrived and our spotlight, attendance, etc. was done we loaded them up in our cars (consider asking Mom's for help if you need more seat belts) and took them to the Temple. We didn't tell them what we would be doing until we arrived. Once we gathered them all around one of the leaders discussed what kind of service we do in the Temple and that we would be able to serve the people that were inside serving. We split up into groups and washed the windshields of the cars in the parking lot. Once they were clean we slipped this little saying until the wiper blade: "Because of your faithfulness in serving today at the temple you will see your way "home" more clearly. Thanks for serving so lovingly." (From SugarDoodle.)

Once finished we met up and gave each girl a pebble and a candy for this activity. They were to eat their candy and walk back to the cars and once there we questioned them on how their walk was. Each girl said something like "hard" or "painful." One leader read this quote "Sometimes we cannot recognize our sweet blessings because we are dwelling on the "pebble in our shoe" and discussed with them that although they had candy all they could think about was the pebble in their shoe. Each girl got a copy of the quote.

The Temple is only about a 10 minute drive from where we were meeting so once we got back we still had about an hour to fill. We played Thanksgiving Pictionary where each girl took a turn drawing something they were thankful for.

After Pictionary the girls wrote a letter to someone that they were thankful for. They wrote to teachers, parents, friends, etc.

Once the girls were done we gathered in a circle to play another gratitude game. Starting with the letter A, we went in a circle each taking the next letter in the alphabet naming something we were thankful for until we came to Z.

This activity could be done as two separate ones very easily! If you are still looking for a Thanksgiving activity you could simply use some of the ideas from the second half. The first activity is a great one to do on it's own anytime!

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  1. We are no longer allowed to wash windshields at the temple. We tried it this month for an activity and were stopped by security. Another sign of the times I guess


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