Baking, Ornaments and Secret Santa

My girls requested (begged might be a better word) to do Secret Santa for a few families this year. We chose to do a family that is currently investigating the church, their Primary teacher and another Primary leader that they all love, the chorister. When they arrived I had everything laid out and ready to go. I laid it out in "stations" so that it was totally chaotic- although some chaos is to be expected!

We had a number of things planned to make but because of time didn't get to do them all. We split the girls in two teams so one half could help bake and the other could work on their craft.

The first baking half made these: (keep in mind while looking at them that the girls did these all on their own!)
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers
(It wouldn't be right if I didn't give the credit to my Grandma for this one. She has been making them all my life.)
All you need is Ritz Crackers, peanut butter, melted baking chocolate and sprinkles.
One girl spread the peanut butter between to crackers, one dipped them in the chocolate (you could also do white chocolate) and one of the younger ones topped them with sprinkles.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Before they arrived I made these cookies out of a Betty Crocker mix. Of course, I would have liked to be homemade but it worked out just fine. We just used melted white coating, then one girl dipped half the cookie in and another sprinkled crushed candy canes on top.

The second group of girls helped make Cinnamon Milk. This stuff if so yummy! My mom's friend makes it for our family every year and I always look forward to it. So, thanks for the recipe Helen!

The girls helped measure out the ingredients, stir it up, fill the bags, tie them shut and add the instructions. We ended up adding 10 cups of milk, 5 cups of creamer and sugar and 2 1/2 tbs. of cinnamon. Then the girls scooped them into the clear party bags (we used a tea cup and each bag got 2 scoops) and tied them up. To add the instructions we just cut them out and taped them to the front. We were in too much of a hurry to get out the door so I didn't get a picture of the final product. We had enough for each of our Secret Santa families and for the girls each take one home. 12 bags total.

I wrote poems to attach to the goody plate just so that the person receiving them could know where they came from. (I know, it sort of defeats the purpose of the whole Secret Santa thing, but I would want to know!) The first poem is appropriate for teachers, bishops, etc. and the second was written for the investigator family. It is more generic and could really be used for anyone.

Besides doing Secret Santa gifts we also wanted the girls to have something to take home. My partner helped them make the cutest little snowman ornaments. She had everything cut and ready to go so all the girls had to do was assemble. She did great! It was so simple and they loved it. If I can find the instructions I will add the link.I know that I am adding this a little late in the month, but maybe this will help you plan for next year! And now that the holidays are winding down we will be going back to 2 one hour activities a month. We have lots of good ideas to share!


  1. I love your Activity Days ideas! They're great -- thank you for sharing with those of us who are not creative!

  2. What is the recipe and instructions for the Cinnamon Milk.


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