Family Home Evening in a Can

If you can get your hands on a canner from the cannery, this would be a great idea! Of course you could do it without a canner, just use a small bucket or paint can. Help your girls come up with a lesson idea after including everything you need, seal it! They could even decorate it the can if you have time so that it can be counted towards Arts and Crafts.

From the website:
Inside the can, try to put everything the family needs to hold a family home evening. A lesson could be in any form: a story, games or puzzles from church magazines, or numbered cards to be passed out and read in order. These can be done using scriptures, hymns, and quotes from church magazines. These could be put in a decorated envelope. Also include the ingredients to make a simple treat. This could be purchased mixes for cookies, brownies, cakes, or drinks. Make-it-yourself mix recipes are also available and could be packaged in fun fabric or paper bags. A simple craft could also be included with the supplies in a Ziplock bag. If room allows, include napkins, handouts, and anything else you would like.

I think we might add this to our list of activities to do!


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. So many great ideas!

  2. Love your blog! We are trying to plan out the next couple of months worth of activities for our girls and now it is going to be so easy. Your ideas are wonderful!!!


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