FHE in a Can....DONE!

Today we did the FHE in a can activity.  It was a huge hit with the girls and a total success.  Here's the run-down:

We purchased enough cans and lids for all of our girls (80 cents per can and 21 cents per lid).
We also rented a canner
Using this great site, I found a lesson that was perfect for my girls, Being an Example.

We gave the FHE lesson to the girls and played a few rounds of Draw or Drama.  After that we helped them assemble the cans.  Here was was included:

FHE Plan
Copy of FHE Game

Copy of FHE Story
Cake Mix

Each girl folded up their papers and placed them in the can.  For the treat, we chose to do cake cookies.  We included the mix and 1 cup of M&M's.  It's really just what we had on hand, but the possibilities are endless!  You could do plain cake mixes, s'mores, many different varieties of cookies, candy bars, etc.  Depending on the time of year, you can get smoking deals on cake mixes, brownie mixes, s'mores stuff and lots more.  

If you choose to do this FHE lesson, be sure to tell your girls that after they cut the strips up, to use the can to play out of.
The girls loved watching their cans being sealed as well.  If you aren't able to get your hands on a canner you could try using paint cans that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes or even using the cans and just buying the white plastic lids.


  1. How do you play draw or drama?

  2. If you purchase the cans from the cannery, you have to seal them or have them seal the metal lid on and then cut it off when you get home or the plastic lids won't fit.


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