Activity Repeat

This is the first time I have ever repeated an activity but I felt it was well worth it.  One of the first activities I did was clean the nursery toys with the girls.  Since most of them have moved on (and after spending some time in nursery the other day and seeing the toys get put in lots of mouths) I felt like it was okay to do this one again.  We went to town cleaning the toys with Clorox wipes and had a great time laughing and chatting about everyone's plans for summer.

(Horrible picture, I know, but I wanted to crop out the girls' whose faces were showing.)

If your ward has big plastic toys (like a kitchen) you could have the girls use shaving cream (outside of the building of course) to clean them.  It would be messy but lots of fun!

After we finished the toys we cleaned the tables, door knobs and cabinets.

When we were all finished we played the Skittles Game that I found on LDS Splash.  The girls had a ball and we laughed and laughed about how silly everyone looked with their mouths full of Skittles.


  1. I've had our girls clean the toys, too. I know when I was Nursery Leader, I sure appreciated it! But I would suggest using regular non-toxic wipes instead of Clorox-- that way there's no danger of leaving a toxic residue on the toys for all those little mouths!

  2. Wow! I just google searched activity day ideas and I found your site. Thank you for all the great ideas, we will be for sure cleaning the nursery toys. I have been in activity days for two years and it will be nice to get new activity ideas for our 8 year olds!!!


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