Scripture Power!

Scripture Power! Okay Ive been a little slow in blogging lately... I guess that is due to the fact that I have five daughters and that they keep me so busy! I have had Activity days but just not brought my camera along. We went to the local history museums and some of the oldest pioneer houses in town to learn about our heritage, the girls loved it!

Here is the Theme for Primary this Year! It is on the Scriptures this year!:
2nd Nephi 4:15- For my soul delighteth in the scriptures,
and my heart pondereth them.

So here is the Activity that our Primary did, which can go with Activity days
first we made SCRIPTURE BOOK MARKS- with just thick ribbon and buttons!
It was so cute! We had multi colored ribbons to choose from! so many choices!
The girls loved making them! Just take some ribbon cut to size, glue buttons on.
So easy and cute!

Next we had the girls make Mini-SCRIPTURES with CHOCOLATE!
(don't know where they got the idea- so hopefully I'm not stealing anyone elses idea- just expanding on it)
again so easy! take 2 small Hershey chocolates- the small ones
Glue them on a piece of brown or black card stock or construction paper
print out the primary theme on piece of paper-(Really small)
and add a small ribbon down the middle- we used glue dots for everything but you could use
a glue gun instead! or just regular glue!
The girls thought it was so cute!

Okay here is the important part! You could make small scripture bags for church- we bought some from the dollar store! 5 for a dollar and had the girls decorate them! They can now fit some small scriptures in them and their Faith in God books in them!
Here is a book of Mormon Reading Chart! Just click on it and it should take you to the site I found it on and just print it off! You could challenge the Girls to read their scriptures! Maybe have some small party when they get so far and have so much passed off!

Okay found these at they are like the pilgrims hats we
made around thanksgiving! So easy
1- Fudge striped cookie turned upside down
2- Marshmallow dipped in chocolate
3-Green Frosting- yellow candy- clover! So Cute!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I posted it on my blog. That is the only way I can keep track of all the great ideas! lol.
    Thanks again. I will be adding this to my plan for activities- don't worry, it's a rather short plan....;-)

  2. Hi! My name is Aubrie and I have a blog called A Mama B's Crafts & Recipes, and I just started a General Conference Idea Linky Party and would like to invite you to come join in and link up any crafts, recipes or ideas you have for General Conference this year :o)


    Aubrie @

  3. Going to do this for activity days tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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