Article of Faith "TREASURE BOX "

This Treasure box works wonders in getting the girls to learn their articles of faith- We have 13 bags of goodies inside- numbered 1-13 when they pass of their articles of faith they get to choose from the Treasure box, according to the number they passed off. We started off with smaller cheaper things for number one and went up in prizes as we went. We used things like erasers, pencils, different candies, dollar store finds, (cheap)necklaces, bracelets, and other things that the girls would like and when they learned all 13 they got a BIG candy bar. (which was bought on sale) It really helps the girls to want to learn and pass off things. Make an article of faith bag which has all sorts of games, puzzles, and things that help them pass off their "Articles of Faith". It will help them to be regular in studying ..... GOOD LUCK!


  1. So I am the primary president but I also do Activity Days combined with another ward (we are both small groups of girls in that age group)...and I have to say...I am soooo excited to use the treasure box idea for the A of F. We have had a hard time getting the girls that interested and this (I TOTALLY BELIEVE) will help. So thanks. The plan is to update our folders/journals with the awesome stuff you provided for both girls and leaders, introduce the treasure box idea and hopefully get #1 passed off, and then learn to make smoothies!!!
    While preparing I also came up with my own idea that you may want to elaborate on...with the blog. We often have a difficult time getting the girls to write anything at all in their journals and I thought it would be neat if we had a journal jar or even a poster with ideas on scrapbooking pieces of paper in many colors stuck on backwords and the girls randomly chose off the poster board a colorful piece of paper and on the back there was their idea for the day i.e. what do you want to do when you grow up, if you could be an animal what would you be, what is an awesome thing that happened at school today, who is your best friend and why, etc.
    Sorry for the novel! You really got me excited to start this new year off right!!!

  2. Great Idea! I am an Activity Day leader and we have about 12 girls in our group (10-11). We used your idea and amped it up a bit. We have girls who never bring their binders and we want them all to bring them everytime so they can add handouts, etc. in them. We decided we were going to use a prize box for the binders, A of F, and anything else we feel needs a prize. We brainstormed with the girls for prize ideas. Thanks for your site. I just love it!!


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