Mother Daughter Relaxation Retreat!

I just couldn't wait to start sharing so here is the first activity I'd like to share with all of you! Keep in mind we did use up a large portion of our budget for this activity. Actually it is the only activity so far this year I have turned in receipts for so it is a more costly activity than most I will share. (P.S. I have received permission to share photos of my girls)

In our ward whenever we have a big activity like Mother/Daughter, Daddy/Daughter/ or recognition night we always break it into 2 activities and usually combine all ages of girls in AD. We started by having a prep activity to teach the girls how to plan and prepare for a party. We invited a sister in our ward who works at a spa to come and teach the girls how to give a pedicure. Afterwards we split into three groups. One station they made tissue paper flowers. One station they filled bags with homemade bath salts I made and labeled the bags as a present to give to their Mothers. The last station they made this flip flop invite for their Moms.
I printed out the invite on white card stock and traced my younger daughters foot around the words. I copied a bunch off for the girls. They stamped around the words with this cute flower stampin up! set and glued ribbon on to make it look like a flip flop. Then they mounted the whole thing on some colored card stock. I thought they turned out so great and the girls enjoyed making them.

The day of the Party... We had real rose petals sprinkled down the hall and into the cultural hall where the party was.

We closed off most of the cultural hall to make the room smaller and more cozy.

Place settings at the table. These cute plates and napkins came from the Dollar Tree. We tied a little ribbon around each napkin.

We had 3 tables set up and then a bunch of chairs in front set up for the girls to give their Mom's pedicures.
The tissue paper flowers the girls made at the prep activity for decorations to add color to the walls and go along with our flower theme.

Here is the food buffet table. I thought it turned out so beautiful! I brought some leaves my neighbor picked from her yard to add on the table around the food. I cannot take credit for this display! One of our wonderful leaders helped me put this together!

The food was so yummy! Tea party foods is what I call them. It was a yummy, healthy, delicious lunch.

Fresh fruit kabobs

Cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. Everyone thought these sounded strange when I told them my menu plan, but they were the first to go! Everyone loved them. All they are is a square of bread with no crust, whipped cream cheese, slice of cucumber, and topped with salad supreme.

Next up...Heart shaped strawberry creme cheese sandwiches. The girls favorite!

Egg salad sandwiches cut into triangles. They started to dry out and so I wrapped all the sandwiches before I got a picture, dang it!

Delicious homemade creme puffs made by one of our leaders! yummy:)

I loved these big Gerber daisies another leader brought to decorate from her quilt store.
Notice the delicious veggie tray. I wanted to snap it's own picture but my camera battery died. It was so pretty with romaine lettuce leaves under all the veggies. these lady's I work with sure know how to make things pretty!

Here's the pedicure side of the room. The hospital donated the buckets to us to do the pedicures in and I made a homemade soak and scrub for the girls to use.

The Mom's and daughters had so much fun giving and receiving their pedicures. What a fun way for the daughters to serve their mothers!

Two of our leaders made a delicious smoothie for the girls to serve their mother's while they enjoyed their pedicures.

Our Mothers and daughters!

One of our leaders works at a quilt shop and got us a good deal on tool so we wrapped all the chairs with it an put a flower on.

I really stressed about what we could do on a budget for the centerpieces. I ended up cutting my fresh Roses in my backyard, along with some from my friend yard and some other variety of plants. They turned out beautifully. We added some ribbon around the vases, fabric remnants and fake flowers at the base. The cost: FREE!

Freshly pedicured toes!

Here is the bath salts the girls put together for their Mom's. I made this label up on photoshop. I**UPDATE**you can get a similar bath salt label 
Here it is the recipe...
2 Cups Baking Soda
1 Cup Sea Salt
3 Cups Epsom Salt
Therapeutic essential oils of your choice. Approx. 12 drops. Of course I prefer DoTerra!
For the scrub I took 2 cups of this and put a few tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil. Next time I would probably just use epsom salt and coconut oil with some essential oil.
There you have it! A Mother Daughter Activity to always remember. :)


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