Recognition Night

Activity Days Recognition Night usually happens once a year for the girls to show their families what they have learned in Activity Days.
The Theme for our Recognition Night was "Blooming Together in Activity Days".

We always have a preparation activity before a big combined activity. For the prep activity the girls made invitations, met with their leader to mark off their Faith In God books, and did a run through of our program including practicing the songs we sang.

Here is the Flower Invite to go along with our theme. All the petals were traced onto a piece of card stock for the girls to cut out. The middle of the flower was on a different color of card stock. On another piece of card stock were all the words to the invite. the girls could choose to write the words or cut and paste. they connected the whole thing with a large brad. Very simple and gives the girls the opportunity to make the whole invite!

Here is what our Program looked like. I covered up all the words to protect our girls names but I will tell you what we did for our program.

The girls lead the entire program.
We first had one girl welcome everyone
next the whole group sang "Faith"
One of the girls played the piano and one girl lead the group.
Next Opening prayer
Then we had each group (we have 3) recite a scripture together and 2 girls from each group spoke about 2 activities each they enjoyed this past year. Some showed pictures or things they had made and then shared their testimonies.
We ended with all of the Girls singing "I Am A Child Of God" and a prayer.

The whole program was only about 20 minutes. It was short and sweet. It was neat to watch these young girls lead a program, sing, speak and bear testimony of the gospel. We have such amazing youth in the church today!

We had our program in the chapel on a Sunday night. Afterwards everyone congregated out in the foyer to receive a yummy lollipop cupcake as they headed out the door!

For the flower lollipop cupcake just make your favorite cupcake. Frost. Add sprinkles if you like. Stick in a lollipop and add a leaf that is cut out from any taffy type candy. I think we used airheads.


  1. This is great! We just had ours also, but it is done on a stake level and the stake leader did almost evrything for us. We helped the girls learn a song, and we brought things to display and presented our was a dinner.

  2. I am new to this calling and your blog is a lifesaver! Thank you for all of you hard work and sharing!

  3. This blog is great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you very much.

  4. I am so Thankful for your Blog!!
    I am also New at this F.G.Calling This is wonderful for me..Thanks Addie Willden

  5. This is amazing! I was wondering if you had the template for the agenda you could email me? It i very darling!


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