Here's a fun, fast, and inexpensive activity to do with your girls this THANKFUL season.

We started our activity out by mixing up some brownies. After we got them in the oven to bake we sat around the table with the girls to play "name that primary tune!"

We didn't have a piano so we asked if any of the girls would like to hum a primary song so the others could guess what it was. The girls thought it was fun! After a few songs I asked them how they knew the songs so well? They had several answers about singing them every week and so forth, but what it came down to was... "They have fantastic music leaders!" We had a little discussion about showing gratitude to those who serve and teach us. We also talked about how to write a thank you card.
One thing I noted to the girls was to say something you appreciate about the person before writing Thank you for... For example,

Dear Sister Lowe,

I love to see you smiling each Sunday while you lead the music. Thank you for all the fun songs you teach us, and the games you prepare for us. You are wonderful!


The Activity Day Girls

We then let the girls write letters to all the music leaders in our ward. As soon as they were finished the brownies were done!

We sliced the brownies and put them on plates and delivered them as a group to our wonderful music leaders. I actually got a little teary as I read the sweet things our girls wrote to these leaders. They were so thoughtful and sweet!

It was a super fun activity! Give it a try if you need a fun GRATITUDE activity this month!


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