Springtime Fun and Games

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We decided to do a quick craft and a review of the Articles of Faith before spring break.  So, my trusty co-leader found this great craft at make it -love it that would be quick and simple.  Basically all you need are paper towels, food coloring, water, and chenille stems. You fold the paper towel in half, four times.  This makes 16 sections, unfolded.  Then you dip a corner into four different colors of dye.  Repeat with each corner.  Unfold and let dry.  Then fold it accordion style, pinch in middle and twist a chenille stem around it to create the antennae.  Super cute and easy!

We also tied in a springy review of the A of F by doing an easter egg hunt.  I found this great idea here at a bushel and a peck.
image from http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a214/lilsprinter07/easter_basket_300x193.jpg
BTW, this is a fabulous site with some super cute ideas and printables!  I don't know how she has time to do all that designing and creating, but I love it all!  We filled a whole bunch of eggs with candy and half of them also had cut up sections of Articles of Faith in them.  I chose to just do 8-13, since that is what we needed to review.  You can pick and choose, or do all of them!  While Sister S. was working with half the girls on the craft, I reviewed the A of F verbally with the other half.  Then we switched.  I went outside and hid the eggs about 5 minutes before everyone was finished.  We let them loose to find the eggs and then they got to eat their candy and try to find the rest of the pieces of their Article of Faith.  It was fun and made them think hard about the individual phrases of the Article of Faith.  We finished with a spring cookie treat and a robust game of tag!  Thank goodness it is getting warm!  12-15 girls in my living room is a little nuts!  Enjoy!


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