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This past activity day, we decided to do something fun--sort of under the developing talents heading.  We have worked on a lot of requirements so far so this was a craft night.  We did three crafts-two of which were edible!  :)  The girls made their own refreshments, which was fun for them and nice for us.
The first one we did was this cute doughnut snowman (above) that I found on tipjunkie.  It is super easy-you just need powdered mini-doughnuts, peanut m&ms, mini chocolate chips, and sour punch straws.  You can thread them on a lollipop stick or a skewer.  One thing the other leader noted, was that if the doughnuts are too dry, they will crumble when you skewer them.  So if you can track down some reasonably fresh ones, like from a grocery store bakery, they will work better than the hostess ones.

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Our second food craft was these edible roses.  Of course, it was February, and I don't think there were any kiwis to be had!  So we just used grapes and strawberries and fruit skewers.  They were pretty and yummy,  and in hindsight, this is probably better to do during the summer when fruit is cheaper and more plentiful!  :)

The other craft we did was making our own fabric flowers, which I then glued onto headbands.
from lilblueboo.com
I found this great tutorial on lilblueboo which has all kinds of cute and crafty things!  (And also, the author is an amazing lady who is fighting cancer and still manages to do all this cute stuff!  She has a great attitude and if you have time, I recommend checking her blog out!)  The best thing about this is that it is a no-sew flower.  However, it is still a little tricky for the girls to do all on their own, and since we have 15 girls, it took more time than I thought it would.  We did divide into two groups, with one group doing the fruit with the other leader, and one group doing the flowers with me.  Also, in hindsight, I would have cute my fabric strips ahead of time and THEN let the girls choose what color they wanted, instead of the other way around.  We only did one flower because of the time factor, but the headbands still turned out really cute.  The supplies you need are  2" wide strips of fabric, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), fabri-tac glue, and some mini-clothespins or straight pins to hold the flower together while the glue is drying.  Also, a hot glue gun and headbands to glue the flower onto.

Have fun!  And don't burn your fingers on the hot glue gun!  Like I did.  About 10 times.  :)



  1. I am so excited I have found your blog. I just spent the last hour searching for ideas. I am so excited to serve as Activity Days leader and your blog just helped me plan the next three months.

    By the way, we spent our last two Activity Days hand sewing "prayer bears." We made the bears using felt squares and attached this poem: http://www.ywconnection.com/Poems/pagePoemprayerbear.html

    It was a great activity. I would love to send you pictures. I'm not sure if this link will work, but I did upload a couple of pictures of the bears my own girls created here: https://picasaweb.google.com/stillyriver2003/PrayerBears

  2. Stacey, thanks for sharing your idea! I couldn't get the last link to work. Can you email the pictures to ldsactivitydayideas@gmail.com?
    I'd love to share the prayer bears on our blog. :)


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