What Makes You Beautiful Activity

So I found this super cute video on youtube, a lipsync version of "What Makes You Beautiful" by the Young Men in the stake that they made for the girls to watch at camp.  I loved the message and the idea that what makes our girls beautiful is their desire to do right.  So I based this whole activity on this concept and also the 13th Article of Faith.  We have a couple of girls turning 12 this year and this fulfills one of the requirements for Preparing for Young Women.  

This video is on youtube.  There are several other versions-all of them are great!  This one didn't have as many buffering issues!

First of all, we talked about what beauty is.  What did the girls think was beautiful?  What does the world think is beautiful?  How are they different?  I read them this quote:

You can find the beautifulquote  here.  It is a jpg of two sized for 81/2x11.

Then we split into two groups.  One group worked on this questionnaire:
    You can find this mirror printable here.

The second group made this tiara.  It is printable!  We just cut them out and then added some adhesive rhinestones where ever they wanted.  
You can find the tiara printable here.

Then we took a picture in the "beauty booth".  I just took a trifold display board, like for science fairs, but it was PINK!  (Hobby Lobby, if you want to know where I got it.)  I simply added the caption  Be-"You"-Tiful and then the attributes listed in the 13th article of faith.  Here are a couple of shots of my own girls.

We finished the evening off by watching the video and choosing some treats from our candy bar-I labeled several different treats with "praiseworthy", "of good report", "virtuous", etc. 

They took their treats home in these little takeout boxes I ordered a million years ago and hadn't used yet.  They are small, so it wasn't like they took home a ton of candy.  I just taped on a little label found here with some cute washi tape.  Easy peasy.  BTW, there are some other super cute printables of the 13th article of faith at that site.

My awesome partner brought some cupcakes as well, but you could just do the candy bar.  I like the idea of choosing/seeking after--you could do a much bigger display than we did.  It was a simple activity that got the girls thinking about something important with a little bit of fun.  Enjoy!


  1. Loved it! Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Brazil.

  2. I just got this calling and decided to see if there were ideas on the web. Oh my...you are a dream come true!!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I am so very grateful for this blog!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


  3. What an awesome idea, love that!!! <3

  4. I love this idea, thank you so much! What a great blog!

  5. THanks ladies! This is really fun to do for the girls!

  6. I loved this idea, we are planning to do something similar this Thursday. I was wondering what fonts you used for the "Be-you-tiful" board? Thanks


  7. Rebecca,

    Sorry it took me so long to read this! The fonts are Great Vibes,Many Weatz,algerian, curlz mt,grand hotel, one starry night,honey script, and eurostile. I am pretty sure I got most of them from dafont. they are all free, you probably just have to google them! Hope this gets to you in time!

  8. Lovely idea! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment..

  9. What a fun mutual idea! I love your photo booth.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I am doing this activity tomorrow, I'm excited! You are awesome

  11. I absolutely love this idea. When we did this for our Activity Days, we showed the suggested video at the beginning. Then at the end, we showed this one. It's extremely powerful, and really mirrors the quote from president Hickley: It's at: http://www.godvine.com/ALL-Women-on-GodVine-Need-to-Hear-This-Incredible-Message-4071.html

    1. I know this was posted a while ago. But how do I download this to my computer?

    2. Are you trying to download the video or the printables?

  12. We're doing this tomorrow for my 8-9 yr old girls! Thank you so much!

  13. I just loved this idea so much that I had to do it here!!!! I thought the idea so great that I decided to make this activity together with the young women and it was a success!!! Unfortunately I can´t put some pictures in here, but the girls loved it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this great ideas!!! :)


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