True Symbols of Christmas

Here is an idea sent in from one of our readers.  Thanks so much for sharing!  

"I wanted to teach the girls the true symbols of Christmas in the context of an advent calendar. Having twelve girls (and they all come, yeah!) I need to be economical with supplies, so using my geometry compass I cut 7 1/2in circles out of cardboard cereal boxes. Then cut a 4in hole in the center of each to make a wreath.

These I painted green, giving a second coat to the colorful cereal box side.

Once dry I glued on 2" x 2" coin envelopes that I purchased on-line ($6.75 per 100).

I let the girls cut and paste the symbols onto the envelopes (just some clip art I found, I was able to fit three sets on one page) then they cut and inserted a quick blurb on each symbol along with one or two scriptures to read that day. I could only fit nine envelopes per wreath even though I had ten symbols to work with. I left out the wreath symbol but kept the info about it on the paper so they could still have it, perhaps they can glue it to the back since the whole thing is a wreath? Last of all they used my hole punch so they could attach a ribbon and hang up their project. Those who wanted wrote the nine days leading up to Christmas so they could remember which envelop to open each day.

Thanks for sharing, Laura!  I realize this is after the fact, but hopefully it will help out some of you for next year!  Or, you could adapt it for other holidays/projects.  


  1. Do you have the pictures and scriptures for us to use?

    1. There are several different versions of this activity out there. Here is one that has actual pictures you can print and use. You can adapt it however you like. Good luck!


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