Christmas Ideas to Consider

I told you I was way behind.  Or way ahead, if you look at it that way!  This is an activity we did last year that was tons of fun!  We printed up these tickets:

You can find an editable powerpoint of this ticket HERE. The version of it in the googledrive is very plainjane, but if you download it and open it in powerpoint, you can change the fonts, etc.  

And handed them out the girls after Primary the week of the activity.  When they came we watched Luke II and then had a short intermission for a hot cocoa and cookie bar.  We had hot chocolate with a variety of toppings: whipped cream, chocolate kisses, mini peanut butter cups, red hots, peppermints, candy canes, marshmallows, and even grasshopper cookies.  They had a lot of fun making their own crazy concoctions!  Then they settled in to watch one of our family faves, a Claymation Christmas.  You could watch anything that is short and appropriate.  We love it because it has a lot of traditional Christmas carols in it and is highly entertaining.  It was a fun way to wind up AD for the season.  You could also send them off with a little something to remind them of the Savior during the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  We really enjoyed the down time and not feeling like we had to check off something.  


  1. Do you happen to have an editable template for the tickets?

    1. I added one to google drive. It is a power point. I hope it works for you! I don't really know what other format to do it in. So if you have problems, email me and I will figure something out! See the link above!


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