Mother's Day Wind Chimes

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This post is from Melissa and includes a couple of ideas:  

They made this wind chime for Mother's Day.  Here is a pic of their projects in progress:

She also included some ideas for Earth Day-these would be great for other topics: gardening, service, spring crafts, etc. 

"Earth Day:  We talked about Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing.  I had 2 hand outs with word puzzles, what earth day is for them to work on after we were done with our 2 activities.  

We made bird feeds out of empty toilet paper rolls.  Yarn through the tube, they slathered on peanut butter, and then rolled it in bird seed.

We also talked about how plants grow.  They were given 5 seeds, and made see through greenhouses, so they could watch the stages of the seed sprouting.  A ziplock plastic baggie, wet paper towels, seeds.  We talked about what plants need to survive and how to take care of their seed until it was ready to be planted in dirt."

Thanks for sharing Melissa!  Keep those ideas coming!

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