Thanksgiving Activity

We had a great Thanksgiving activity yesterday.  We started out by making a gratitude board.  The girls all said things they were grateful for and we wrote them on the board.  Without any coaching, the majority of it was filled with the normal things we say we are thankful for, i.e., family, technology, love, etc.

Once they ran out of things to say, we showed them this short video-

The girls were silent as they watched.   It is a very touching video that pulls on your heart strings.  Once it ended needed we went back to the board and tried to fill it up even more.  This time the things they were thankful for came faster than I could write!  Clean water, shoes, beds, washer and dryer, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, shoes, heat, A/C and more!

We also showed them this video but it was a little too long and the younger girls lost interest.  It might work well for an older or smaller group.

Here is our finished board-

We spent the remainder of the time making thankful books.  Each girl got three brown paper bags then folded them in half.  We cut small slits (you could also use a hole punch) then fed twine or ribbon through to hold it in place.  The girls then had free reign to decorate it any way they wanted.  They all left with the challenge to write things they are thankful for each day between the activity and Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the books they made.

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