Snow globe Service Activity

Our December activities go hand in hand but will be done in two parts.  Part one was making snow globes and practicing Christmas carols.  Part two will be the service portion where we will deliver the globes and sing carols to residents at a local nursing home.

To make the snow globes, we used:

Babyfood jars
Gold and silver spray paint
Mini ornaments
Distilled water
Artificial snow
Hot glue

Of course, you can improvise as needed.

Here is a video that explains the process.

A few tips:

*Make one to use as an example.  This will eliminate a learning curve during the activity :)
*Fill the jar to the brim with water.  The girls who didn't do this had air bubbles and the snow would not fall, it stayed on the top, near the air pocket.
*We spray painted our lids gold and silver to color the Gerber markings
*Glue the lid shut.
*We didn't sand the inside of the lid, but I think it would be helpful and ensure the trinkets stay attached.
*She recommends epoxy but hot glue worked just fine
*We opted for babyfood jars because not only does it keep the over all cost down, but it also takes up less space for the nursing home patients.

Once the jars were complete, we used tissue paper and ribbon to wrap up the snow globes.  I recommend wrapping them with the lid on the top, just in case they leak :)

We bought supplies for 16 snow globes and it cost less than $20.00:
16 jars (30 cents each)
Mini ornaments (they came in sets of six and nine and cost $1.98 each)
Glycerin ($3.88)
Snow ($2.50)

When everyone completed their wrapping, we practiced a few carols.  One girl even volunteered to bring her violin along to play a song for the residents.  I was very impressed that the girls were so excited to deliver their gifts and sing.  I think it will be a treat for everyone!

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