Halloween Ideas

I love ORIENTAL TRADING.com they have the cutest and funnest ideas for parties and holiday kits! Great for any holiday, and some of them are really inexpensive if you plan ahead. The girls had a ball making these little ghosts.

Here is the old popcorn hand that most everyone knows how to make but if you add red food coloring to the mix or make carmel popcorn and add red food coloring you have red popcorn- Then you can attach a note that says
"YOU'VE BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED SERVING OTHERS" . (or being good, or going the extra mile, etc. etc) and give to any bishopric, primary presidency, or anyone you want to spotlight.

You have been BOO"D is a popular thing to do in most neighborhoods during the Halloween holiday. The one that I had the girls do is located at :


You can download and copy and print at this blog site. Great ideas! Love it!

We did the "Halloween Phantom" it was so much fun! The girls made goodie bags
and we copies off two ghosts and two papers to go with it- and the girls picked 2 families that they wanted to Boo- They knocked and ran and left their goodies by the door from the Halloween phantom! Great thing they could do for FHE!


  1. Such CUTE ideas! Thank you for sharing- I had really been struggling to come up with an idea on my own!
    Did you order the ghost craft? I can't figure out what it's made of... any tips/instructions? (I live in Canada and don't have time to order anything)
    Thanks again

  2. They are made of small round wood heads, and small spools- We ordered them from Oriental trading.... So fun! You should be able to find materials that resemble the head and body at your local craft store! Thanks

  3. Hey there! I was just called to achievement days and was looking for idea when I happened upon your blog and saw my popcorn hand that I sell on etsy. I was so excited to see it. Thanks so much for putting it on your blog!



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